Incredible things to do on Royal Caribbean! (Some now charged!)

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Incredible things to do on Royal Caribbean! (Some now charged!)

Since our last cruise things that were free now cost, we try everything to see if it’s worth it!
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Prices seem to have risen. Plus the Drinks Package was almost double what we have seen previously – is this the result of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Cruise? We try everything from Skydiving on the iFLY by Ripcord to being lifted 300ft above the ship by a huge robotic arm in a pod on the North Star! We try some of the craziest things on this cruise ship!

These things were previously free (for shorter sessions) on our previous cruises but now come with a hefty extra cost on top of your cruise fare. Plus we enjoy another amazing day onboard the first Royal Caribbean Cruise to leave the UK in almost a year and a half! There’s more fun, entertainment, and cruise food in this Royal Caribbean Vlog!

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