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Cheap Car Rental Tips – The Morning Blend

“Cheap Car Rental Tips; How to Save Big Money on Your Car Rentals”, will help anyone, ANYWHERE in the world. I’ve worked in the car rental industry for over a decade and learned that if customers knew what we the car rental industry “insiders” knew, people could save themselves a lot of big money and countless headaches. I’m passing my ten plus years of experience on to you. Just one secret could save you hundreds of dollars on all your car rentals.

Cheap Car Rental Tips & Secrets You Will Learn…

• How car rental companies take advantage of you.
• A little known document that will protect you and save you $$$.
• Unknown ways to get huge discounts AND use your coupons.
• Car Rental Insurance; Do you need it or is it a waste of money.
• Two secrets to building a relationship with your car rental agent.
• Insider secrets to getting a FREE upgrade on every car rental.
• Two tips on using their “grace periods” to your advantage.
• And many more cheap car rental tips and secrets…

Not many people know that about one year before I got into the car rental industry and learned all the car rental secrets, I rented my very first car. Yep, I was a novice customer like most people. My trip took me to Arizona and I had called the rental car company’s (800) number and booked my reservation about three weeks in advance, arranging to pick up my rental car at the airport car rental counter.

I reserved a compact car to rent because that’s what we owned. I showed up at the car rental counter and got things going. I was talked into an upgrade and was sold on renting a safety seat, and so on. Got the rental car keys and was on my way.
When returning the rental vehicle after the week was up, I was just shocked to see that my $138 weekly car rental, ended up costing me $378 bucks! I didn’t make a fuss or argue about it. I just went on my way the whole time feeling like I was taken advantaged of.

That feeling always stayed with me.

After getting into the car rental business, I learned just how much money I could have saved! So I made a commitment to always help educate my customers. The fact is, I’ve helped thousands of people in my car rental business save money and have stress free experiences, especially when they were traveling abroad. When I decided to write Cheap Car Rental Tips, I wanted to pass my insider’s knowledge and continue helping people and companies have better experiences with car rentals and keep more money in their pockets.

I’ve now had the privilege of helping hundreds of thousands with this information and it’s great to get emails from people all the time telling me about the money they saved, but best of all the great experience they had and continue to have because of the fact they eliminated the headaches associated with renting cars.
So feel free to email me at with your experiences on how this information has helped you with your car rentals, I’d love to hear from you.

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